Hollow Sounding Ceramic Floor Tiles

Job that looked good when they got done. By donato pompo ceramic tile and stone consultants.

Repairing Hollow And Loose Floor Tiles Ace Marble Restoration Palm Beach Florida

The one thing i insisted with the company that did it was that i would have no hollow sounding tiles.

Hollow sounding ceramic floor tiles. Ugh i m apparently not real good at laying tile i just finished a 348 sq ft room with 16 ceramic tiles i let them cure for a day went around tapping i found a few that were hollow sounding so i popped them up spent over an hour scraping up all the dried morter thin set cleaned the area mixed up more thin set laid them again this morning they seem good but i ve found 2 more. How to fix your loose hollow tile floors no removal necessary. If the tile is installed over a non bonded mortar bed it will sound more hollow than tile installed over a bonded.

This can occur when a mortar bed method is used and the mortar has delaminated from the supporting layer or when the subfloor itself is not sufficiently thick or well attached. Chains or special sounding devices can be used for larger areas. He apparently was right even though we had a few loose tiles in the high traffic area of the hallway earlier on as the time frame came around we had loose tiles tenting and hollow sounding tiles and crumbling grout in a fair percentage of the total tiled areas.

Is hollow sounding floor tile a slab foundation problem. A tile floor over a wood subfloor will sound more like a hollow sound compared to a tile floor installed directly to a concrete slab. Just drill fill.

My foundation is slab and my walls have no evidence of cracking or movement. Other systems that intentionally separate the tile layer from the substrate such as the. A hollow sounding floor is probably fine.

A common symptom i come across in investigations is ceramic or stone tile tile that sounds hollow. If the entire tile floor sounds hollow then it is likely because of the underlying conditions. A hollow sound can be caused by the configuration of the tile assembly it could be the result of having some sort of membrane under the tile.

The house is 2 story and 16 years old. Occasionally a floor will sound hollow even when the tile is well bonded. When a floor sounds hollow it may seem as though something is amiss but usually it s nothing more than the natural sound transmission of the installation.

A simple way to check for the sound in question is to tap on the tiles with a hard object such as a steel ball bearing. A tile having a hollow sound could be an indication that there is a void under those hollow sounding spots and or the tile isn t bonded at those hollow sounding spots. No hollow sounding tiles is not an indicator of a foundation continue reading hollow sounding floor tile.

I frequently get calls from homeowners who have found that some of their floor tiles sound hollow when tapped on with a metal instrument like a screwdriver or a pocket knife. I had my floor done back in may with 20 ceramic tile. Fast easy affordable.

The short answer is. This was an 1100 sq ft. Central to the question of whether there is a tile installation problem is whether the tile just sounds hollow or if there are visible issues.

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