Who Would Remove A Dead Bird From Old Chimney

Smoking out a bird. How to remove the dead animal no one wants to leave a dead animal in a fireplace chimney.

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Birds die for a variety of reasons including old age flying accidents and predator attacks.

Who would remove a dead bird from old chimney. Smoking could kill the bird while inside the chimney and any nesting material could pose a fire hazard. Our teams have experience removing all different types of pests from homes. They grab sticks on the wing and build a nest in the flu of your chimney using saliva to stick the twigs to the flu wall.

Removal from chimney inexperienced homeowners should never attempt to remove a stuck bird or active nest on their own. Alternatively you can search the help wildlife website for your nearest rescue centre to remove a stuck bird from your chimney. Dealing with a bird in a chimney or fireplace can be a stressful situation not only for you but for the bird as well.

The most common type of bird to live in a chimney is the chimney swift it s an amazing bird and an incredible flyer. Birds resting or nesting. The best way to deal with a live or dead animal in the chimney is to call critter control.

According to the london wildlife protection they always call the fire brigade as the fire service is obliged to remove anything that blocks the chimneys or ventilation systems. This method is not recommended and can be unsafe. Cleaning the chimney one of the easiest ways to remove the dead animal if it is lodged in the chimney is to use a normal sweeping brush and this should dislodge the dead animal so that it drops into the fireplace.

Well it was because the animal died of exhaustion and dehydration. Aside from the smell the decomposition process can bring more unwanted pests into your home exposing you and your family to potential disease and illness. You can attempt to scare a bird out of your chimney by making a loud noise or shining a bright light.

For the most part dead birds are found in yards but they can also be discovered indoors. If you have a dead carcass in the chimney you can attempt to extract it either by opening the damper and searching above the firebox inside the flu or you can try to remove the dead critter in your chimney from the top with a chimney rod and hook. How to get a bird out of a fireplace or chimney.

It s amazing how they can fly in and out of the chimney. Learn more about bird removal. Attics chimneys and even basements can all end up harboring a bird carcass.

How to safely identify remove dead birds finding dead birds in the yard. What to do about birds in the chimney. If a bird gets stuck in the chimney or a nest is discovered contact a professional wildlife control service like critter control to remove the animals and sanitize the affected area.

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