How To Plant Basil From Cuttings

This is how it works: Growing thai basil from cuttings is a much more effective way than growing it from seeds, and in our opinion, it’s easier too.

How to Root Basil from Cuttings Recipe Basil plant

As i mention in this post, why you should grow your own vegetables, i have in the last year really taken a liking to gardening and growing my own food.

How to plant basil from cuttings. Place the pot in a shallow tray of lukewarm water and allow the compost to absorb the water for an hour or so. Make the cut right below a spot where the basil leaves attach to the stem; Instructions for how to grow basil from cuttings.

Growing thai basil from cuttings. Snip a cutting a few inches below its top set of leaves, above a lower set of leaves. In water or in potting mix.

Basil is easily propagated from seed with a little bit of care and attention. Clip it just below a leaf node (the spot on the stems where the leaves. You can plant your basil indoors as well.

The other great thing when indoor gardening is you can grow basil from cuttings all year round. An easy plant to regrow in water, basil can be grown from cuttings as long as it has not flowered yet. Start with a big, bushy basil plant.

Take hold of a new plant that’s developed around the outer edge and clip it near the bottom with sharp, clean pruners. A basil plant that has flowered will stop growing leaves and will start producing seeds. But i actually think it's easier to plant the cuttings directly into the ground.

Basil propagation from cuttings is quite simple. Begin by using a well developed basil plant. Before the basil plants began to fade in their pots i’ll take a few more cuttings and start the process over again and hopefully keep the fresh basil growing until spring when i can plant the plants outside again.

Basil is one of the easiest and fastest plants for propagation and summer is the perfect time to experiment in your own garden. If your basil plant is large enough to prune, then it’s large enough to take cuttings for’ll want to take a cutting that has a good stem length on it. Once your basil has been potted you’ll want to make sure that you’re following proper care guidelines.

The only drawback here is that you will need to have a fully established thai basil plant from which to obtain your cuttings. To take a cutting from a basil plant, use clean herb snips or scissors to cut a four to six inch long stem. For each method, you’ll need basil cuttings.

This is also a great way to make more basil plants throughout the year for planting in the garden. How to take basal cuttings. How to root plant cuttings in water if you’ve been admiring your friend’s herb garden, ask for a couple clippings from your favorite plants, including basil, and start your own.

Make a clean cut, severing the shoot as near to the base as possible. This is the best way to propagate basil. Stems of the cuttings should be solid at this point, as growth begins.

This is where the cut piece has the best chance of growing roots. In fact, propagating basil is one way to share your basil with your friends. I’m going to plant 4 of them in one pot and 5 in another.

Somehow, the more basil we have, the more we want. Later in the season, stems may become hollow. There are two main ways to root basil;

Take basal cuttings in early spring. This way the plant will continu to form leaves, because it has not yet received the signal to start producing seeds. Remove the leaves from the end and put it in a glass jar, filled with water.

How to get started growing basil from cuttings. A number of years my basil problem was solved when i learned how to root basil from cuttings, a super simple technique. Now i employ it each spring to ensure a bountiful supply of the delicious, fragrant herb.

Be sure the pot is placed in an area where it will get daily sunshine and water your basil every seven to 10 days. The process is very simple, and is a great way to recycle your plant. You can also transplant your basil cuttings into a large outdoor garden container filled with other herbs, creating a small herb garden.

A great way to propagate basil is to simply use basil cuttings. After examining all of my basil cuttings, it looks like about nine of them are about ready to transplant. How to propagate basil from cuttings.

Cuttings also make a great gift for friends and family that are gardeners. Get one straight from the store — no need to nurture it ahead of time! A lot of people cut the tops of the plants and then put them in water.

There, the cuttings root quickly and can then be planted in soil. This gives the cutting more surface area to take in water later. Propagating basil cuttings is a great way to keep your basil supply going strong all season long, and a fun way to create new starter plants that make great hostess or parting gifts for all those summer get togethers.

A couple of days ago, the beautiful basil plant i brought indoors from my summertime garden died when i went out of town over christmas because someone (ahem, my significant other) forgot to water it for me. Simply purchase a live basil plant at your local grocery or big box store. If there are flowers, cut them too.

So if you are growing the basil plant to harvest leaves, it is smart to cut away the flower crown when it is forming.

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