How To Get Rid Of Pitting On Chrome

Follow the manufacturer s application instructions for the chrome polish you plan to use to get the most out of the commercial product. Restoring a pitted chrome faucet to remove the unsightly white bumps or rust spots from a chrome faucet use a ball of aluminum foil and water to remove the pitting.

Slippery Rock Gazette Restoring Chrome How To Remove Rust From Chrome Using Aluminum Foil

Wet the ball and gently rub any pitted areas with the foil.

How to get rid of pitting on chrome. The best bet once chrome has been washed with soapy water and dried is to use a metal polish or chrome cleaner to get rid of any pitting or discolouration. A cheaper option though is to use some kitchen tin foil and a light oil or polish instead. You can remove rust and smooth these areas with an aluminum foil wad.

Chrome is susceptible to pitting especially in areas where there has been rust. Deep pits may be beyond repair especially if they have turned into holes. Crumple it into a loose ball.

Use a foil wad to work on pitted areas. This works only if the pits are superficial however. Then when you ve cleaned it off you can seal in the shine and protect the surface with a wax.

Tear off another 3 inch 7 6 cm strip of foil. The result is pitting in everything from toasters to the rims on your car. I ve been doing this for years and never thought much about it but after watching a few people destroy chrome that could be saved prompted me to make this v.

There is only one way to get rid of pitting in chrome you must sand it out.

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