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Just like with the tropical house plants care that you give to your other tropical plants, the yucca plant needs to be given rigid watering interval. Big leafed tropical plants, can add interest to a room as a focal point.

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A striking beauty with its dramatic, gigantic leaves, alocasia macrorrhiza (giant taro) is a rhizomatous evergreen perennial which is excellent for bringing a lush look to gardens.

Giant leaf tropical plant. See more ideas about plants, planting flowers, large leaf plants. But large leaves can cope in hot, wet, tropical climates. 11 best garden tools that make gardening easy.

As the mug had a boho vibe, i decided that a tropical leaf plant would look the best in the mug vase. This plant also contrasts well with the more lance shaped leaves. The fig leafed palm is tropical and should only be grown outdoors in usda growing zones 10 or 11.

I’ve made faux felt succulents before and crepe paper flower wall displays. Some have very large leaves with striking colors. This is a self heading variety which grows vertically from a single stem.

It is a member of the asparagacea family and a broadleaf evergreen. A bit of a weird plant really. Giant split leaf are very easy to grow tropical plants that require little care indoors or out.

Whether it's because you have lots of space, or you just prefer the visual aesthetic of tall perennials, we have a colossal plant for you. Cold hardy philodendron selloum giant split leaf phil will award your garden spaces with the ever sought after tropical look and feel. Giant hosta, giant canna lily, giant elephant ears, etc.

See more ideas about plants, planting flowers, indoor plants. Philodendron plants can be grown in pots or hanging baskets. This evergreen plant is desirable for its very large, cut leaves.

The yucca plant is a garden and house plant that will be quite happy with receiving so much sun. Dumb cane is ubiquitous as a houseplant, so it is easy to forget it is also a true tropical foliage plant. This time i thought crepe paper would be the best way to make the diy tropical leaf plant.

Like other aroids, many species of philodendron can be grown as houseplants, or outdoors in mild climates. The leaves, which are green and waxy in appearance, are shaped rather like an open palm, with eight or nine fingers on each leaf and can reach widths of more than 1 foot. The larger the leaves and the more exotic the plant appears, the more attention grabbing it will be.

Wonderful perfect deep green leaves spring from this plant and grow progressively larger as the plant increases in size. Gunnera will grow in the sun or shade but has thirsty roots, so is best suited to a bog garden (main image). Cyphomandra betacea the tree tomato produces large nicely veined leaves.

This plant also makes a tasty edible fruit, thus the name… Cordyline fruticosa is a tropical plant native to eastern australia, eastern asia and hawaii. The largest of all herbaceous plants and therefore the first on the list.plants can grow up to three metres tall and four metres across.

Tetrapanax ‘steriodal giant’, when happy its leaves can get to 3’ across and looks like a giant 20’ tall castor bean. They thrive in moist soils with high organic matter. Bright light, and 11 inches on either side of the plant so the glossy leaves have room to grow outward.

This plant contrasts well with the more standard tropical plants. You can even notice a slight color variation and different leaf shapes, depending upon the variety you choose. Alocasia are a group of ornamental plants known for their foliage more than their flowers.

For your next outdoor party, use large banana leaves (a common backyard plant!) to line your tabletop to create an impressive tablescape. Native to many areas of the world, these exotic plants give a different flair to the garden. Monstera deliciosa is a beautiful climber that loves humidity and bright light.

Many gardeners prefer to 'go big' in their garden with giant plants. There are many other candidates in the araliaceae family, trevesia palmata, cussonia spicata, schefflera macrophylla etc. Perennial giant plants for sale.

Also called the ti plant or cabbage tree, native varieties grow as shrubs or small trees ranging in heights from 9 to 15 feet with spreads of 3 to 8 feet.

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