Furniture In Front Of Return Vent

Have a nice time rearranging. We d like to put a bookshelf in front of it to put our tv on but want to make sure we don t restrict the air flow.

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your House We Don T Mean Putting In A New Piece Of Furniture Or Air Return Vent Cover Air Return Home Improvement Projects

For example i have a 20×20 return 400 sq inches on my 1srt flr.

Furniture in front of return vent. Take care in designing your rooms to avoid blocking air returns. The vent is close to the floor. You should leave at least the equivalent of that in free space for the air to get to the return.

Put the furniture over the vent in summertime and you decrease the overall air flow from a central air conditioning system. A table or bookshelf wouldn t care. You should leave as much net free area as the return has.

We also realize that we need to leave enough room to be able to change the filter without having to move the furniture every time. It draws all the dust lint pet hair even kitchen odors smoke etc. Renay you can place all the furniture you want in tront of a return air vent just be sure you leave a little room for air to go under around or over the top and don t place a piece that the vent can suck the fabric or whatever up against it and shut off the air flow.

There would be a gap of at least 3 inches between the vent and the back of the furniture. Place large pieces of furniture such as couches chairs and love seats at least 10 inches from air ducts. In my case that means pulling the bookcase off the wall by 5 inches or so to make sure there are 400 sq inches of clearance.

Blocking a vent or vents creates a pressure imbalance that causes the system to work harder produce less cool air use more expensive energy and potentially results in a frozen coil a very expensive repair and replacement job. Many homes are improperly fitted with return air ducts or simply don t have enough of them making it essential that each existing air return works to its full potential. It s not really blocking the return exactly.

These narrow tables usually are about 12 inches in width have open sides and are open on the front and the back. The legs of the desk are tall enough that the hutch and tabletop sit above the top of the return. The return is in the middle of the wall so shifting the bookcase right or left isn t an option.

Hi i want to place a piece of furniture in front of a cold air return vent. Anything sitting in front of the vent will be bathed in all that and will likely get more dusty than other locations. Would this pose any problems with the vent being able to function effectively.

That vent is effectively same as mouth of a vacuum cleaner. One piece of furniture that you could use in front of a return air vent is a narrow sofa table or some people call it a foyer table. All your air vents need at least six inches of clearance from all furniture drapes or other household items to ensure proper system breathing.

When there is anything obstructing the intake return vents or output supply vents of air it hinders the entire circulation process essentially costing you more energy for less air. Along those lines there s a small student desk w a hutch in front of another cold air return. We have a 23 x 23 return grille air filter on one of the main walls in our living room.

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