Can Kilz Be Used To Seal Exposed Drywall Paper

Kilz pva drywall primer is designed for use on new drywall. I m trying to avoid buying another can of primer for one small bathroom but i don t want to run into problems with the paint not adhering to the.

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Seal the exposed gypsum.

Can kilz be used to seal exposed drywall paper. Remove loose paper with a razor knife. Now use an oil based primer such as kilz or coverstain to seal the porous brown exposed drywall paper. Topping compound is much easier to sand than joint compound.

You ll surely have some ragged or hanging paper left from the tear so use a razor or utility knife to remove it the edges of the tear should be smooth against the wall. After the primer is dry apply a coat or two of drywall topping compound. Designed for use under flat and low sheen paints only.

The key to patching torn drywall paper is to seal it first with an oil or shellac based sealer kilz original and bin are two brands. It is a fast drying interior water based primer formulated to prime and seal new uncoated drywall and reduce the number of topcoats required to achieve a uniform professional quality finish. Don t use a water based product or you ll likely have the same bubbling problem.

Once the compound is dry use a drywall sanding block loaded with 100 grit sandpaper or a sanding screen. Well that s not tearable. These are available in spray cans or liquid that you can brush on.

Hi i appreciate this post because it helped me decide on rx 35 to seal my damaged drywall. The gypsum will absorp moisture from latex paints so you must seal it to prevent blisters. I was wondering if there was a reason you didn t use it again to seal the skim coat before painting.

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