A Construction Worker Hits A Chunk Of Concrete With A Sledgehammer

I have a sledgehammer and deliver a blow of 750 pounds onto a slab of concrete. The worker was on the 20th floor of 317 madison avenue near east 42nd street a.

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A construction worker hits a chunk of concrete with a sledgehammer. He then clambered onto the roof to begin the painstaking and highly dangerous job of tearing down the 12 storey block. Sledgehammer on the old boards. The concrete breaks apart.

Portrait of construction worker with sledgehammer demolishing wall in renovated house sledgehammer on table at workshop. This is the moment a fearless worker makes the first sledgehammer blows single handedly demolishing an old hotel. Sledgehammer hit the wall.

The concrete acts 750 pounds of force back on the sledgehammer during impact. I don t get this. I cannot understand why.

A construction worker was severely injured in midtown saturday afternoon when a chunk of concrete fell on his head. The sledgehammer delivers a force of 750 lbs and breaks the concrete d with what force does the concrete act back on the sledgehammer during the impact need more information grearer than less than lbs grade deduction patent. A construction worker hits a chunk of concrete with a sledgehammer.

Man destroys a concrete block with a sledgehammer humorous portrait of a man with a sledgehammer in a. According to a report from the enterprise the unidentified 36 year old worker was atop a scissor lift the morning of worker survives being hit pinned by 600 pound chunk of concrete menu. But the answer is 750 pounds.

My intuition tells me that since the concrete breaks it must reciprocate a force less than 750 pounds.

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